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Kirra Pendergast Group CEO  Expert Speaker  UK/US/EU/AU/NZ/HK

Kirra Pendergast

Group CEO - Expert Speaker

As an Australian Cybersecurity industry pioneer, Kirra has been at the forefront of the intersection of humans and technology, working in cybersecurity and IT business consulting since 1991. Her approach focuses on education and awareness, guiding individuals and organisations toward safe and responsible engagement with technology.

Throughout her three-decade career, Kirra worked as a State Director of some of the most well known IT consulting firms, advised governments and educational outreach organisations, promoting online safety and cybersecurity. Strategic roles, including being a founding board member of the Qld Government’s eSecurity industry cluster in the late 90’s, working on the first smart card drivers license program, the whole of Queensland Government's Identity and Access Management and Counter-Terrorism Strategies post-9/11, define her experience.

In late 2013, Kirra faced a relentless cyberbullying campaign that lasted over two years. This harrowing experience deepened her understanding of the emotional impact of online threats and fuelled her empathetic approach to cybersecurity. Instead of being defeated, she transformed this challenge into a driving force behind her work, creating Safe on Social and The Online Safety Agency to offer practical, empowering training programs to people of all ages and to consult on how brands online presence can directly or indirectly affect child safety and how to mitigate that risk.

At the core of her philosophy is empowerment through education,  not fear-mongering. This comes directly from her lived experience and the lack of support that was available at the time. Kirra aims to inspire confidence in internet users, equipping them with the knowledge to protect themselves and their online presence. By providing clear, actionable guidance, Kirra fosters an environment where safety is synonymous with knowledge and encourages people to understand that they get to choose how they consume technology without letting technology consume them.

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